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Rembrandt is clearly named after the famous Dutch painter Rembrant van Rijn. This Gouda cheese is aged over 1 year and has a very nice rich, deep hearty flavor, not overly sharp, with a touch of tanginess. Rembrandt has a firm texture, but melts easily.

The cheese can be sliced for your sandwiches, and will do fantastic in pairing with many full bodied red wines.

This is my favorite cheese. Ever. It's amazing by itself, with a hard roll, with a piece of tomato, etc. I bring it with me when I'm a dinner guest, and it's always a hit.

Rich, deep hearty flavor, not overly sharp, with a touch of tanginess: is an accurate description. And the flavor is dense, that is, you do not need to eat more than a small thin slice to get full flavor sensation. Rated four stars only because I reserve five for something out of this world.
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