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Our Featured Gourmet Gifts from $75 to $100
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Whatever the reason for the party is, this Gourmet Gift Basket will keep you going for a long time and you will receive compliments for the products in this basket: Truffle Mousse - All Natural mousse made from creamy chicken livers, truffles and porcini mushrooms marinated in sherry. Mini Terrine d'Epinard au Roquefort - a vibrantly green terrine of creamy spinach accentuated with Roquefort cheese. Tomato Basil Pesto - a basil pesto sauce flecked with sulfite-free and organic fresh-dried tomato. Great for dipping or as spread. Private read more...
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  • A beautiful beech wood Cheese Curler together with the Swiss gourmet cheese Tete de Moine (or Monk Cheese) make up a very nice gift, for anybody, any time of the year. The curler, scraper or girolle as it is called in Switzerland, slices very thin curls off the surface of the cheese, revealing the full flavor of gourmet cheese. Serve the cheese as a dessert, during a party, so you guest can use th... read more
  • The United Kingdom has a rich history in cheese making and their cheese is rich in flavor, color and the makers create new flavor combinations. Our Basket from Britain contains 8 different cheeses; Red Dragon: a Welsh Cheddar with wholegrain mustard seeds and Welsh ale, coated in a bright red wax. The cheese has a buttery and spicy flavor and the mustard seeds also give the cheese its texture (8 o... read more
  • Our British Classic Gift Basket contains many wonderfully unique culinary 'royal' gourmet products from this large island, like: Cheshire: (8 oz) England's oldest-known cheese, it is reddish-orange in color and has a slightly tangy flavor. Blue Stilton: (8 oz) The King of English cheeses. This crumbly blue is perfect after dinner with a nice wine or a port and fruit. Stripey Jack: (8 oz.) A potpou... read more
  • Artisanal products are coming from all over the US and enrich our lives with flavor, texture and memories of traditions and old recipes. Our American Classic Artisanal Gift Baskets contains the following products: Purple Haze - 4 ounces of fresh goat cheese, flavored with wild fennel pollen and lavender; a combination that reminds you of the French Provence. Classic Reserve Extra Aged Cheddar - (8... read more
  • As the name indicates, the Roquefortaise was developed in Europe to professionally cut Roquefort cheese; a simpler name would be a Roquefort slicer. If you want to have beautifully cut cheese wedges, simply push down the handle and the cutting wire will make clean straight cuts; producing beautiful professionally cut cheese wedges. The Roquefortaise is also a great tool to cut any soft or semi-so... read more
  • The flavor and aroma of black and white truffles are just magnificent and we captured them in this gift box, filled with truffle specialties. An ideal gift for your favorite foodie as there are many ways these truffled foods and be used and explored. Truffle Tremor: an award-winning California goat cheese that offers velvety goat cheese with tiny black truffle pieces (8 oz.). Caciotta al Tartufo: ... read more
  • You will enjoy this fiesty Gourmet Gift Basket as it contains a variety of spicy gourmet products; cheese, crackers, salami oil and more: Big John's Cajun Cheese (8 oz.) - a spicy hand-rubbed cheese that packs a heated punch as you near the rind. The moment you open the package you smell the spiciness. Sgt. Pepper (4 oz.) - a fresh goat's milk cheese with a kick from Cypress Grove Chevre; a secret... read more
  • What would we do without herbs? They give the finishing touch to many of our dishes with regard to flavor, aroma, color, contrast and appearance and many are often seen as beneficial to our health. This gift basket is full of gourmet products with a variety of herbs and flavor: Dill - Dill Havarti is a semi-soft mild and creamy. Sage - Sage Derby is an English cheddar with sage marbled throughout ... read more
  • Some people say it with words, other people will express themselves in a song; in this case we used colors. Our All White Gourmet Gift Basket is filled with top of the line gourmet products that all have a shade of white, or a whiter shade of pale may be ... Tondo White Balsamic Cream - A creamy, syrup like reduction of the Balsamic Vinegar. This white version will allow you to use it in dishes, w... read more
  • Our Thank You Gift Basket is a nice way of thanking somebody who was there when needed, without questions asked. Just saying Thank You does not always express your gratitude well enough; that's why we made this delicious Gourmet Gift Basket. Mediterranean Gouda Cheese (8 oz.) - a Dutch cow's milk cheese filled with a subtle balance of tomatoes, olives, garlic and wonderful Mediterranean seasonings... read more
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