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A box full of heart, full of love, coming from Belgium to you. This box of Leonidas goodies contains 12 heart shaped top quality chocolates, dark, milk and white chocolate with delicious fillings: Milk Heart Vanilla Cream - Small heart of milk chocolate with vanilla cream filling. Dark Heart Raspberry - Small heart of dark chocolate with raspberry cream filling. White Heart Pistachio Cream - Small heart of white chocolate with praline and pistachio cream filling. Pink Heart - Small heart of white chocolate with real pieces of raspberry and a delicious creamy raspberry coulis center. read more...
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  • Tapas Cheese Fondue actually says it all, this small set is great for a delicious tapas dinner for two with a refreshing glass of Sangria or a friendly Cheese Fondue get together with a friend or use the set for a Chocolate Fondue dessert. Another way to use this set is to keep a sauce or a dip warm during a dinner, a picnic or a barbecue. This Fondue Set consists of a square black pan placed on ... read more
  • Black Chimichurri® Sauce is a signature gourmet product from Samba Flavor. It is made with black garlic, Italian balsamic vinegar, extra-virgin Kalamata olive oil and finished with Samba Flavor's signature combination of chimichurri herbs and spices. Black Chimichurri® Sauce is a tangy, sweet and savory condiment that serves as the perfect accent to fine steaks. Picture this product as a... read more
  • A wonderful assortment of the world famous Leonidas Chocolates or Pralines as they are called in Belgium. These Belgian gourmet chocolates are always made according to traditional methods, and at Leonidas they use only the finest ingredients; pure cocoa butter for the coating and natural ingredients like fresh butter, fresh cream and the best nuts and fruits the world has to offer. These boxes of ... read more
  • These Chocolate Marble Truffles are made by Yves Thuries, the same chef who is known for the Chocolate Macaroons. The small truffles are all unique, with a specific colorful and shiny appearance, slightly hard on the outside, but inside you will find a creamy and delicious chocolate texture. A great and wonderful gift. A flute box with 7 marbles truffles; Nougat,Caramel, Hazelnut praline, creme b... read more
  • Imported directly from Holland, this European stylish stainless steel deluxe knife is the tool to cut soft cheeses. The holes in the knife prevent the cheese from sticking to the knife; you will cut easily through the cheese and serve clean cut wedges like a pro. Traditionally, after using one side to cut most soft and semi-soft cheeses into an appropriate size piece, the host turns over the knife... read more
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