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Browse by price our fine selection of exquisite International gourmet and specialty food gifts including specially selected Cheese Gift Baskets, Cheese Gift Boxes, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Gourmet Gift Boxes and individually wrapped gourmet cheeses, gourmet meats and gourmet accessories that will please any discerning gourmet. All Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes are placed quality reusable Gift Baskets or stylish Gift Boxes, sure to impress and shipped in thickly insulated shipping boxes with reusable gel packs . And as always, an enclosed gift card is free!

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Our Featured Gourmet Gifts Under $25
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This mid guacamole has a savory mix of mild garlic seasoning and packed with 5 whole, golden-ripe Hass avocados in every pound, Yucatan Mild Guacamole is perfect for snacking with your favorite chips, as a dip with a fresh vegetable tray, or as a delicious addition to favorites like fajitas, tacos, sandwiches, salads, and more. read more...
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  • Tapas Cheese Fondue actually says it all, this small set is great for a delicious tapas dinner for two with a refreshing glass of Sangria or a friendly Cheese Fondue get together with a friend or use the set for a Chocolate Fondue dessert. Another way to use this set is to keep a sauce or a dip warm during a dinner, a picnic or a barbecue. This Fondue Set consists of a square black pan placed on ... read more
  • Black Chimichurri® Sauce is a signature gourmet product from Samba Flavor. It is made with black garlic, Italian balsamic vinegar, extra-virgin Kalamata olive oil and finished with Samba Flavor's signature combination of chimichurri herbs and spices. Black Chimichurri® Sauce is a tangy, sweet and savory condiment that serves as the perfect accent to fine steaks. Picture this product as a... read more
  • These Chocolate Marble Truffles are made by Yves Thuries, the same chef who is known for the Chocolate Macaroons. The small truffles are all unique, with a specific colorful and shiny appearance, slightly hard on the outside, but inside you will find a creamy and delicious chocolate texture. A great and wonderful gift. A flute box with 7 marbles truffles; Nougat,Caramel, Hazelnut praline, creme b... read more
  • Five different flavors of top quality French chocolate ganache; dark chocolate ganache filled with Calvados, Mirabelle,cognac, whiskey and rum. Packed in a decorative box, containing 24 ganaches. Les Chevaliers d'Argouges, the makers of this French chocolate was founded in 1991, when 2 families of chocolatiers decided to combine their forces. The basic rules of the company Principles : The basic ... read more
  • A small red tin filled with a dozen shiny silver milk chocolate sardines. A great gift for your fisherman or fisherwoman. They look absolutely right and taste absolutely divine as they are part of the Yves Thuries collection and that means top quality. Yves Thuries is not only one of the most respected chefs in France, his reputation extends throughout the world. He has earned the title of Compagn... read more
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