Black Lumpfish Caviar

Picture of black lumpfish caviar
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Lumpfish or Lumpsuckers is a small fish of the Cyclopteridae family and they are found in Atlantic, the Arctic and the North Pacific oceans. The eggs of this caviar are firm and crunchy and small with a pronounced salty fish flavor and a dark black color.

The roe, caviar of the Lumpfish is popular in the Scandinavian kitchen.

Among the cheap caviars this is very good. It's very salty but tastes good. Not overly fishy. Growing up I loved buying this kind of caviar from the grocery store and eating it on crackers. You don't see it in grocery stores anymore. If you DO, it has added vodka which I find intolerable. This kind of caviar is good with very cold vodka - and I recommend eating it that way. Just don't expect it to taste like an expensive product. I like serving this with sour cream on any kind of cracker with vodka from a deep freezer. I find no difference in flavor between the red and black variety of this caviar.
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