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Picture of sevruga caviar from sturgeon aquafarms
Sevruga Sturgeon, Acipenser stellatus, is one of the three sturgeons (Beluga and Osetra being the other two) that was available from the Caspian and Black Sea. Today this caviar comes from the Sevruga Sturgeon raised in Sturgeon AquaFarms in Florida and is of the same superb quality as the Caspian Caviar used to be. The Sevruga Sturgeon is smaller than the Beluga and the Osetra and so are the pearls of its caviar. Caviar Characteristics: Small slate gray to black pearls. Malossol (Russian term for lightly salted) Clear and glossy appearance. Distinguished smooth, buttery flavor. Aromatic and savory taste. read more...
Browse our excellent selection of International and American gourmet caviar. Caviar comes in many prices and colors and your don’t necessarily have to be rich to enjoy this luxurious indulgence. There are plenty of caviars that are affordable, especially when you compare the prices with the once so sought after Beluga caviar. Are you a first timer when it comes to caviar, try some of the American ‘pearls’.

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  • Lumpfish or Lumpsuckers is a small fish of the Cyclopteridae family and they are found in Atlantic, the Arctic and the North Pacific oceans. The eggs of this caviar are firm and crunchy and small with a pronounced salty fish flavor and a dark black color. The roe, caviar of the Lumpfish is popular in the Scandinavian kitchen.... read more
  • The Hackleback Sturgeon, Scaphirhynchus platorynchus, or Shovelnose Sturgeon is the only freshwater sturgeon in the US and is often seen as a fantastic 'local' alternative to the Osetra caviar, and a lot more affordable. This caviar is coming from the Hackleback fished from the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Caviar Characteristics: Small, firm beautiful glistening black pearls. Malossol (Russian ter... read more
  • The American Paddlefish, Polyodon spathula, is one of the largest freshwater fish in North America and is also called Spoonbill and is caught in and around the Mississippi River. The caviar from the American Paddlefish resembles the Sevruga Sturgeon grade of the Caspian Sea, but the size of the pearls can be slightly smaller and is a great caviar at an affordable price. Caviar Characteristics: Sma... read more
  • Osetra Karat Caviar Amber is coming from authentic Russian Osetra Sturgeon, Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii, found in the Caspian Sea. This sublime, grade 1, caviar is produced on the Caviar Galilee Farm in Israel, one of the most established fish farms in Israel and a pioneer of ecological preservation in the field of aquaculture Caviar Characteristics: Firm, medium large pearls. Golden olive to light ... read more
  • The Keta Salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, is a Pacific Caviar that the select roe of Alaskan Chum Salmon. The large red-orange caviar, Ikura caviar as it is called in Japan, is very decorative. Caviar Characteristics: Medium to large firm golden-orange pearls. Firm, giant translucent appearance. Malossol (Russian term for lightly salted). Flavor: Strong sweet and honey-like.... read more
  • The Canadian Salmon produces very attractive large red-orange roe, that is called Ikura caviar in the Japanese language. Caviar Characteristics: Medium to large red-orange pearls. Firm, giant translucent appearance. Malossol (Russian term for lightly salted). Flavor: Fresh sea-breeze and not too oily flavor.... read more
  • Handmade Bottarga di Muggine is a Mediterranean specialty is made from the salted and sun-dried roe of mullet. Other names are Botargo, poutargue or boutargue in French), botarga in Spanish, batarekh in Arabic or avgotaraho in Greek. Bottarga is used by shaving off thin slices for hors d'oeuvres or grating it over pasta, fish, or salads. The weight of this Bottarga di Muggine is approx. 6 ounces.... read more
  • Stromluga is the roe of the herring and has a mild smoky, lemony flavor. It is advised to keep this caviar refrigerated, but do not freeze it. It is the perfect choice for any pasta, salad or as a garnish to food.... read more
  • The Kaluga Caviar comes from the Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso Dauricus), also known as River Beluga Caviar, whose natural habitat is the rivers bordering Russia and China. This particular caviar is processed by highly experienced Caspian caviar professionals, who process the finest and most expensive black caviar around the world; ensuring the finest possible salt content and along with a texture and fla... read more
  • This select Sevruga Caviar, Classic Grey, from the Sevruga Sturgeon, Acipenser stellatus, fished from the Caspian Sea, is indeed light-gray and the grains are slightly larger than regular Sevruga caviar. Caviar Characteristics: Small, pale-gray pearls. Clear, glossy in appearance. Malossol (Russian term for lightly salted). Distinguished smooth, buttery flavor and sweet sea-spray. Long subtle afte... read more
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