Gourmet Icelandic Caviar

Browse our fine selection of gourmet caviar from Iceland, resplendent in a rainbow of colors and flavors. Iceland proudly presents their Tobico, Capelin and Lumpfish caviars; an excellent choice for sushi dishes or as a garnish for pasta, and always appropriate for the most gracious and delightful hors d’oevres.

Taste the equisite and affordable delights of Icelands' own Gourmet Caviar.

Our Featured Gourmet Icelandic Caviar
Picture of red & black pearl caviar
Just want some caviar to decorate an appetizer in style, these red and black pearls will give your platter or dish the finishing touch you're looking for. The Pearl Caviar is harvested from a small fish Capelin which is found in the cold sea waters of Iceland. The roe from the Capelin is colored generating vibrant black and red tiny pearls. Each jar contains 2 ounces. Preparation: shelf stable Caviar Grade: Garnish Unopened shelf life: 1 year Storing: read more...
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