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Aged Brick Spread is made from a blend of brick cheese and sharp cheddar cheese aged for 9 months and is a delectable spread from Wisconsin that will keep you coming back for more. Widmer's Cellars in Teresa, WI is one of the few factories that makes Brick Cheese. It is best served on crackers, or spread it on your hamburger buns.

Brick is a Wisconsin original, first made around 1877 by John Jossi who was around Limburger production from a very young age. Brick cheese is made according to the European tradition of the great washed rind cheese. Its flavor is enhanced during ripping of the bacterium linens, the same pleasantly pungent bacterial action that contributes to the flavor of the classic French cheeses like Pont l'Eveque, St. Nectaire, Reblochon and Livarot. Real Brick has a heady aroma and modestly full flavor - this spread is an offspring of that pungent Wisconsin cheese, and did inherit a nice full flavor without the pungency.

Ingredients: sharp cheddar cheese and brick cheese aged 9 months (made from pasteurized cultured milk, salt and enzymes), water, reduced lactose whey, cream whey, sorbic acid (a preservative), salt, lactic acid, guar gum.
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