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Leyden Cheese is the Dutch gourmet cheese for you if you like cumin, because this seed is mixed into the curd. This authentic cheese is in The Netherlands known as 'Leidse kaas' (cheese from the famous old Dutch city of Leiden). The cheese is made in flat wheels of varying sizes and the farmstead version carries the city's symbol of two crossed keys.

Our Leyden cheese is made by one of the large Dutch cheese manufacturers Friesland Campina and has a natural yellow rind which covered with red wax.

Leyden cheese paste is similar to Gouda cheese but it is scattered with seeds. It smells and tastes strongly of cumin, intensifying as it matures.

We cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 1 pound and 8 ounces.

Ingredients: pasteurized milk, salt, cumin seeds, starter culture, rennet, carotene (color).
We first tasted Leydense Kaas in Leyden at the Holiday Inn. While living in Germany we usually stayed at Gasthauses or comparable. In Leyden we had to stay at an American hotel. The breakfast was so outstanding we were glad we did. The very board did groan from the offerings. Among them were this marvelous cheese peppered with cumin. My husband had an assistant that went from Germany to Holland with some frequency. We always sent him along with an order for a modest wheel. On rare occasions we have found it in places we have lived in the years since then. Unfortunately the Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc. around here no longer stock it. We received a chunk of the wonderful product as a Christmas gift from our pastor's wife

This is an added item. I'm assuming your friends who enjoy Leiden cheese know that it becomes hotter as it ages and the cumin leeches out into the cheese.

This is a wonderful cheese to add to a cheese tray. It has a bold taste that would hold its own with a Red Dragon and a sharp Provalone. Add some fig preserves and an Italian sopresatta and you have created an international party treat.

I have purchased this cheese several times...always excellent...if you like cumin. A classic Dutch cheese. Take in the aroma before eating it.. then savor it. Great finish...
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