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Have you ever thought how to make these great cheese dips you find in your favorite Mexican restaurant. Well, here is the answer - Queso-Melt.

Queso-Melt is a premium melting cheese that is great as a dip, for nachos, tacos, quesadillas or even shredded on pizza or sliced on a burger. It is a must have for all your entertaining needs and simple to add to any menu. When planning your tailgate parties don’t forget the Queso-Melt.

Add 4 ounces of milk to your Queso-Melt blocks and you can make your own dip, or shred the cheese for your recipes and stack, melt and enjoy your dinner, this time home-made.

We have an original, plain Queso-Melt, and a hot Jalapeno version; each weighs approx. 8 ounces.

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