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NOTE: King Island Dairy, the makers of Roaring Forties Blue, are having some difficulty exporting their cheese into the US. They informed us that they are working towards a solution as they would certainly like to continue selling their cheese to the US into the future. Let's hope they will find a solution soon.

Roaring Forties Blue Cheese is made by the Kings Island Dairy, on an island just north of Tasmania, Australia. The cheese is named after the infamous Roaring Forties gales which frequently bring westerly winds of more than 100 kms per hour to the island which lies on 40 degrees latitude.

This gourmet cheese is a handcrafted cow's milk cheese made from milk from Australian cows. The Roaring Forties Blue is a full flavored blue with a sweet, mild, creamy and slightly nutty character, a rich mouth feel and good aftertaste. The rindless cheese is matured in its thick dark blue-black wax coating, which cuts off the oxygen supply, promoting its sweet and fruity flavor. The wax also assists in retaining the blue's moisture, creating a smooth and creamy texture.

The most recent award the Roaring Forties Blue received was the 2006 Champion at the Annual British Empire Cheese Show in Ontario, Canada.

My wife and are great fans of blue cheese. In our opinion this is the best blue cheese we have eaten in our lives. It is a strong flavored cheese,( read very flavorable not stinky).

So delicious cheese. I have tried so much and this is definitively a 5 star cheese with a great sharp taste. I recommend if you like tasty cheese ( :

This blue is delicious! It is perfect for use on beef, especially steaks and hamburgers. It also makes a great salad dressing and may be used for dips for crudite. I would recommend Fuji or Pink Lady apples and crisp pears. If you are serving this on a cheese board it is creamy and rather salty so be sure to pair it with fruit or perhaps fig preserves. Pink Lady apples don't brown quickly so lemon juice may be omitted. This is a very versatile cheese especially if you are tired of the some of the commercial blues in the supermarket.

This cheese is killer good. I love it on burgers, in salads and on snack crackers. It also works great with fresh spinach. I sincerely hope the US will soon allow its import again, as I, for one, really miss it.

We held a blue cheese tasting party using Roaring Forties Blue, Blue d'Auvergne, Smokey Blue, Cashel Blue, and a standard blue. Conclusions: The Roaring Forties had sharp taste favored by many with Blue d'Auvergne having the same flavor but not so strong. The Cashel was too mild of a blue and didn't reach the flavor of the aforementioned blues. The Smokey Blue was an interesting cheese but really should be placed in the smokey cheese group and not the blue cheese group. Smokey was favored by the women who don't like blue cheeses and if presented at a dinner table, we would suggest using the description has a unique smokey cheese with a slight blue flavor. Overall, our quests favored D'Auvergne first with Forties a c
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