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Saint Angel Cheese is a French triple cream cheese has a thin white delicate rind and a creamy texture. This gourmet cheese is relatively easy to cut and handle, yet melts beautifully in your mouth. As it ages, the rind becomes richer and the paste creamier.

Saint Angel is a small 5 x 5 square cheese and weighs around 1.5-1.7 pounds. Pair the cheese with strawberries and sparkling wine for an absolutely divine combination.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, cream, lactic starters, salt, microbial rennet.
Fell over this stunning French cheese at my local Coles would you believe. Of course they had sold out two days later.... Will have to wait at least Four weeks to stock up again. I suppose this shows how good it is. Should I be telling you this...Great cheese

My absolute favorite cheese, after trying almost all of the counter in Whole Foods over the span of a few years. This is the smoothest, most delicious brie I've tasted. Not too strong, not too bland. Perfect!

Suffice it to say that after I ate all the cheese rind and all, I am licking the plate...Simply the best triple cream I've had inmy 56 years.

Finally, a respectable triple cream cheese that is made with vegetarian rennet! This cheese is divine, as rich and creamy as you can find, and will grace my table with frequency. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I can't praise this cheese enough. It tastes incredible. It is so smooth and creamy. My only complaint is it's price.

I bought it today on a hunch on how it looked and felt in the store. Was I impressed!

This soft cheese is delicious. It is softer than Brie and tastier, it comes to room temp almost immediatley. Please Please get some more in so I can order.

I love this cheese. I think that perfect I mean creamy and lovely all in one bit

try this. lovely taste and texture.
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