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Schloss 'Castle' has its heritage originating from Austria. Schloss is a flavorful tawny, golden brick. This cheese is loved by many since 1901, when it was created in California.

Schloss is smear ripened and aged for up to 5 months. This artisan handcrafted cheese is a washed rind cheese, the rind is sticky and often almost 'slimy' when you unwrap it. The plastic wrap is perforated allowing the cheese to breathe and the wet, slimy rind is adding to the flavor of the cheese and can be called aromatic or robust. It would not surprise you to say that this cheese does compliment bold wines and dark beers.

Schloss is a small square 6-oz. cheese that is packed in its individual box.

Travel a lot to France and enjoy many of their famous cheeses. Schloss is the best American cheese I've ever had. Company used to age it but now only sells it fresh....Hence, I've got five packs aging in my fridge. It's best after 5-7 months. Rock star!
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