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Browse our selection of Gourmet Chocolate Bars and Bark. Chocolate bars come in many, many varieties; we’ve chose Chocolove’s chocolate bars, because they are top quality bars and because they add a little poem to each bar, which is cute, we have Grafitti Zoo chocolate bars, because of the great flavor combinations and their love for animals and we have a Venezuelan bars from a single bean origin, no fancy wrapping, just cellophane; it’s the chocolate that counts. Try the various chocolate bars and bark and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

We will be adding exciting new Gourmet Chocolate Bars & Barks frequently, so come back soon!

Our Featured Chocolate Bars & Bark
Picture of caoba milk chocolate
Caoba Milk Chocolate 41% is a smooth and fluid dark milk chocolate with enticing cacao aroma and notes of caramel and nut. These flavors are the result of higher than normal cacao solid content, among the highest of any milk chocolate on the market. Caoba melts easily and is recommended for all tempering applications. Caoba Milk Chocolate pairs well with Muscat wine, Sweet Riesling, Sherry, or complex red wine such as Bordeaux or Spanish Rioja. The name Caoba is taken from the many types of trees that have shaded the groves of cacao tress since the 1600's. Each bar of Caoba is wrapped in cellophane. Winner of the 2015 International Chocolate Awards in the Plain/origin milk bar category. read more...
What other Gourmets are buying
  • Beautiful bars of Dark Chocolate with 3 different flowers; rose petals, violets and lavender; a sight for chocolate devouring eyes. Three examples of Bovetti's craftsmanship; 73% dark chocolate bars with the flowers sprinkled on one side. A perfect gift for any occasion. During summer time, you may want to select Overnight Shipment, depending on the destination of your order.... read more
  • Melting bites of white chocolate filled with praline and pistachio, topped with pistachio bits. Each package contains 6 squares, packed like a chocolate bar. Yves Thuries calls them bites. Yves Thuries is not only one of the most respected chefs in France, his reputation extends throughout the world. He has earned the title of Compagnon du Tour de France, an honor bestowed on a precious few and re... read more
  • Apamate Dark Chocolate, 73.5%, is a very smooth dark chocolate with a delicately fruity aroma, subtle acidity and a long, lingering flavor of cacao. The higher cacaobutter content gives Apamate tremendous "mouthfeel" and less perceived bitterness. Well-balanced and harmonious, Apamate is the least sweet of the El Rey dark chocolate. Apamate melts easily and is recommended for all temperi... read more
  • Icoa is uniquely flavorful and fragrant, and this is because the cacao butter has not been stripped clean of all flavor and made uniform by extreme deodorization processes. With overtones of nut and caramel, Icoa is significantly less sweet than other white chocolates and tastes buttery and full in the mouth. Unusual for a white chocolate, Icoa has enough inherent flavor to stand on its own in a d... read more
  • Bucare Dark Chocolate 58.8% is a versatile, balanced dark chocolate that has pleasant tones of dried fruit. Moderately acidic, less fluid, Bucare has a long,lingering "mouthfeel" with great character and texture. For years ithas been relied upon for balance between flavor, aroma and flexibility, making it El Rey's recommended all-purpose dark chocolate. The name Bucare is taken from the ... read more
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