Black Burgundy Truffle

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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts

The Black Burgundy Truffle, Tuber Uncinatum, is a black truffle that is harvested in the Burgundy region of France from September to December and is well-known across Europe. This black autumn truffle has a mild and delicate flavor with hazelnut notes and a light aroma. They have a coffee, brown-colored interior and a network of ridges that cover the surface. The Tuber Uncinatum, Black Burgundy Truffle is more aromatic than the Black Summer Truffle, the Tuber Aestivum.

Truffles are formed naturally in the ground therefore each truffle may vary slightly in weight, size and color.

NOTE: We will order these gourmet truffles especially for you, thus delivery time takes about 2-3 days from day of your order and you will be charged based on the actual weight shipped.

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