Deveined and Butterflyed Duck Foie Gras

Picture of deveined and butterflyed duck foie gras
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Duck LiverYes

This authentic French-style duck foie gras has a distinctive sweet and nutty flavor. This ultra fresh lobe of duck foie gras has an excellent yield, with very little rendered fat and the beauty is, the deveining is already done for you.

Thaw the lobe overnight in your refrigerator or under running cold water for 1/2 hour. Season to taste and cook as terrine or torchon. A torchon, meaning dish towel in French, is a method of cooking the foie gras the traditional way; wrapped in a dish towel.

NOTE: We weigh each Duck Foie Gras before shipping. Because of the variation in the size of the foie gras, we'll charge your credit card according to the weight that will be shipped to you.

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