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This set of 6 stylish mahogany fondue forks match our Tapas and Cheese Fondue set. These 3-prongs forks will hold on to your bread read more...
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  • This small glass handmade Caviar Server is a great way to serve caviar as it shows the caviar pearls clearly. This beautiful server, crafted in hand blown glass is the ideal server for both the modern individual serving look as well as for large banquet celebration. The upper glass caviar dish should be laid on top of its own bowl of crushed ice (lower dish) helping to maintaining the optimum temp... read more
  • Wrap your favorite seafood, meats, vegetables, and fruit in Cedar Papers. Place on hot grill grates or in a grill pan and watch your dish steam to perfection while a subtle smoky flavor is infused. These Cedar Papers are made with 100% all natural western red cedar which provides the best flavor and complements a variety of foods. Five or six minutes is all it takes to cook a delicious meal. The d... read more
  • Le Guillotin from Reypenaer has been developed to enable you to cut slices at the table. Le Guillotin is a cutting board with a sharp blade that can be moved over a clamp, so that thin slices can be cut through the rind. Slices give the finest experience of the taste, the aroma, the texture, the creaminess and the mineral crystal of Reypeaner and Reypenaer V.S.O.P.... read more
  • Tapas Cheese Fondue actually says it all, this small set is great for a delicious tapas dinner for two with a refreshing glass of Sangria or a friendly Cheese Fondue get together with a friend or use the set for a Chocolate Fondue dessert. Another way to use this set is to keep a sauce or a dip warm during a dinner, a picnic or a barbecue. This Fondue Set consists of a square black pan placed on ... read more
  • Gourmet Cheese needs to be treated like any other highly perishable product – and that means proper handling and storage. Most cheeses have a relatively short shelf life. Only whole wheels of cheese can be kept longer, but once a wheel is cut into wedges or pieces, the cheese is much more vulnerable and susceptible to rapid deterioration. This cheese paper is specifically designed to keep cheese f... read more
  • The Barbeclette has been specially designed to melt Raclette and other cheeses on your barbecue. The melting plate is manufactured with a non-stick coating. With the enclosed spatula; the melted cheese can be easily slid off the Barbeclette and onto whatever will accompany this delightful taste treat. Of course the Barbeclette does not only melt Raclette cheese; it will also melt a lot of other ch... read more
  • This handy Dome is a cover that will fit over the wooden Cheese Curler board and you have a way to store your cheese in the refrigerator. At the end of the evening, put the knife in the dishwasher and the store Cheese Curler board and the Tete de Moine (or other) cheese in the fridge. ... read more
  • A specialist tool for the Swiss Tete de Moine cheese is the cheese curler, cheese scraper or Girolle as it is called in Switzerland. This tool slices very thin curls off the surface of the Tete de Moine cheese, revealing the full flavor of gourmet cheese. The Cheese Curler has a stand made of beechwood with a vertical rod, upon which a blade is mounted. You can also use the Cheese Curler for the P... read more
  • These small cheese signs are a perfect way to show your guests the cheese you serve. They are made of white plastic roughly the thickness of a credit card; size: 2.2 x 1.2 inches. Write the name of the cheese, the country or state where it is made, the type or the flavor on the signs or color the signs. Number them and organize a cheese tasting - you can use them in many ways. 5 signs per set.... read more
  • Hand carved Mother of Pearl spoons, knives, forks and plates are the traditional utensils used to serve caviar. Mother of Pearl does not affect the caviar's fragile flavor. Any other type of tableware would alter the taste of caviar and distract from its natural flavor. Please note that these mother of pearl spoon, knife and fork are natural products, having curves and they may not appear exactly ... read more
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