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The bakers of Crete are known for their delicious olive oil toasts and sesame biscuits. We have 2 varieties: Kriti Olive Oil Toasts and Olive Oil Rye Toasts are made with traditional recipes, freshly milled flour and Crete's famous extra virgin olive oil.

Crete has a centuries-old tradition of baking and eating toasts and rusks. Even today in modern Crete, whether in the cities or a rural village, a bowl of rusks like our Kriti olive oil toasts will be found on most tables. Enjoy all three with cheese or your own Greek meze.

Kriti Olive Oil Toasts are in a 6.4 oz. bag and the Olive Oil Rye Toast in a 6 oz. bag.

Ingredients: Olive Oil Rye Toast: Rye flour, unbleached wheat flour, sourdough starter, extra virgin olive oil, salt, yeast, black pepper.
Olive Oil Toast: Unbleached wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, semolina, sourdough starter, corn flour, salt, yeast, black pepper.
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