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QimiQ is an Austrian invention for professional chefs that is available in the US. QimiQ is a word creation, stemming from the words, 'quick' and 'milk', demonstrating how quick and easy the product is to use. We offer two varieties: QimiQ Classic for cooking, baking and refining and QimiQ Whip for Whipping

QimiQ Classic is the only natural cream product guaranteed to succeed in cooking, baking and refining. It is suitable for all end products without volume, for stabilizing, refining and as a flavor carrier. It binds with liquids and oil, it is suitable for sweet and savory dishes. It has a full creamy taste with only 15% fat and no trans fat.
QimiQ Whip is the only whippable cream product guaranteed to succeed with less fat and easy handling. It is suitable for products requiring volume. Other advantages are that all recipe ingredients can be whisked together in one bowl and it has up to 3 times more whipping volume than other dairy or non-dairy creams. It binds liquids and emulsifies with oil and cannot be over-whipped. QimiQ Whip only has 19% fat and no trans fat.

Each package of QimiQ contains 2.2 lbs of product that is shelf stable, and need to be kept refrigerated after opening. If you need more information, please contact us by phone or email.

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