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It is no secret that tea is a very popular drink, second only to drinking water, nor that it may have several potential health benefits. It is no secret either that saffron, the most expensive and exotic herb has been used for a host of health reasons and that this spice is still studied and researched today. Scientists worldwide have conducted studies examining saffron's effects on Alzheimer's disease, depression, impotency, PMS,weight loss, allergies, Anxiety, heart health and more.

This uniquely reddish-hued herb has been used for thousands of years to enhance taste, color and aroma of ordinary dishes and beverages to create an extraordinary culinary experience. Saffron contains plant-derived chemical compounds which are said to have potential antioxidant properties and throughout history has been used in therapeutic applications. Saffron is also rich in vitamins.

Taja Tea combines these two by blending saffron and tea blends, creating a unique and exotic beverage that is not only delicious, mood boosting, but potentially healthy as well. As they say at Taja Tea: 'Drink Happiness'.

We have 6 flavors:
Assam Black Citrus Spice & Saffron Tea: a tea that rejuvenates you, with Assam tea from India and saffron.
Saffron & Orange Earl Grey: a vitality tea, with black, orange and bergamot flavors and saffron.
Saffron Mango Green: a detox tea, with green tea, mango flavor and saffron.
Saffron Jasmine & Red Rooibos: a happy tea, with green, tea, rooibos tea jasmine flavor and saffron.
Cardamom Black Tea: a revive tea, with black tea, cardamom flavor and saffron.
Saffron Green & White Tea: an energy tea, with green tea, white tea, passion fruit flavor and saffron.

Each box contains 20 tea bags.

I've enjoyed the Saffron Mango Green tea -- it's delicious AND it really does boost your mood an give you energy. :-)

saffron fusion chamomole helped my insomnia and improved my mood. Feel happier and relaxed.

Received the Assam & Oolong as a gift for Christmas and I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. It is a mild tea but I found that only one cup of this tea a day really does improve my mood and overall out look on life. I plan on trying the other Saffron infused teas now.

I have tried mango, earl-grey and red rubio. The mango was my favorite for taste so far and earl grey second. The red rubio was okay flavor wise. I truly believe in this tea now. I did the 6 week challenge of a cup a day and it's improve my overall outlook on life and daily moods that now, I'M HOOKED. I LOVE this stuff. Highly recommended. But I do wish I knew how many mg's I am getting of the saffron per cup, or approximately how much. I will definitely be giving this tea as gifts this year for the holidays. Everyone should try the 6 week challenge with this stuff.

Saffron Chamomile is wonderful it is very relaxing. It just seems to take the tension away.

I am menopausal and suffer from the depression, mood and irritability issues that come with this major life change. The Assam Black Citrus Spice Saffron tea has helped without a doubt. I once had an antique store and sold fine teas, this is one I would be proud to sell. It is delicious.

Greatly like the tea, It would be nice however if you included information on the box concerning how many milligrams of saffron is delivered in one cup of your tea. Personally I can't say for certain that drinking the tea has had an effect on my mood. I'm still going to drink it and absolutely buy more. I have the Chamomile and the Assam. Really, really like the tea.

I love tea. I drink it very strong, with milk and sweetener. Intrigued by the addition of saffron to Earl Grey, a longtime favorite, I tried a box. Very tasty, but I was dismayed to find very few details on the box about the ingredients. For instance, is the saffron added just a very negligible quantity? Is the black tea itself decaffeinated, etc.? Where do the ingredients originate? The box says only that the content is 100% herbal. So is grass....
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