About Us

Gourmet-Food.com was founded in Europe in 2005 as the fulfillment of a life long dream of a European clinical nutritionist and an American technologist to offer the finest in gourmet food products and accessories at affordable prices and to proudly offer those products and make them accessable via the Internet. By 2008, we discovered that the majority of our customers were American and shipping across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe was becoming prohibitive, so we decided to move the company to the United States and we started shipping from within the United States that same year. We found that the majority of our customers were those seeking something better than what was available in their grocery store or big box store. Consequently, we continally are seeking out new gourmet products and continue to add new products to the website when the products meet our standards. We do not have a catalog, as our website is updated daily and printing a catalog that would be out of date the next day did not seem logical.

We are a small, family run company based outside of Atlanta Georgia in the US. We do not have a brick and mortar store, we are 100% online. When you contact our firm, you will be contacting not an overseas call center, but the actual persons in the company that will handle your order and know our products. Because we value our employees and their families, we work normal hours so that our employees have their evenings, weekends and national holidays spent with their families.

Unlike some of the huge retailers that can afford to lose billions of dollars per year in offering free shipping where they have other business verticals providing their profits, we simply cannot afford to ship at a huge loss, as this is our only business. We charge less than it will actually cost to ship your order at our commercial rates, but we do have to charge something as nothing actually ships for free. Most of our orders are for perishable items that cannot just be dropped into a cardboard box and sent on its way. Our orders are all hand packed, with perishable items in thickly insulated shipping boxes with reusable freeze packs. Because of the special care we take in packing and shipping your items, we cannot use the cheapest shipping methods that many retailers use and promote on TV. We have no interest in lowering our standards and shipping your items with nominal refridgeration or poor packaging, just to compete with those firms who are unwilling to meet our high standards for product delivery and customer care and we sincerely hope that you feel the same way.