Shipping FAQ

NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our logistic partners FedEx and USPS can no longer guarantee delivery exactly on time. Consequently, we can no longer issue refunds for spoiled products due to late deliveries, nor can we issue refunds for late deliveries. We are trying the best we can to get orders out, and so are FedEx and USPS to deliver. We are a small company and our employees count on us to keep the business running and we would greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this crisis.

NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, USPS has announced that most shipments will take an additional day to deliver, i.e. a Priority 2 Day will actually take 3 days to deliver. Please understand we have absolutely no control over USPS employees or policies and we have no control of FedEx employees and polices either.

How Do You Ship?

We ship your order by USPS (Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express) and FedEx (Overnight, 2nd Day Air, Express Saver, Home Delivery and Ground) methods in insulated chilled shipping boxes (for perishable items only).

We ship your steaks, burgers and chicken by UPS Standard and Overnight.

Our shipping prices are transparent, we do not pad or use hidden charges, you will never pay more than our actual cost and usually less than our cost. Our shipping prices are increasingly discounted as the order item total increases.

How can I get a shipping cost estimate- quickly?

Our shipping costs are based on the actual cost to your address. If you need a quick shipping estimate, enter checkout as a guest, enter just your shipping address and click on "Ship To This Address". You do not have to register or enter any payment information and any information you have entered is not retained.

Why don't you use a cheap shipping service or USPS Flat Rate?

We are not shipping t-shirts or books that can survive shipping a week or longer in a small uninsulated package. Of course, we could ship using the very cheap commercial services, but your gourmet products would most likely arrive completely ruined.

USPS Flat Rate services require that the shipment fits within one of their standard size boxes, none of which are large enough to use our special thick insulation to keep your products fresh. Furthermore, USPS Flat Rate services make no guarantee to deliver within 48 hours to any location.

Why don't you have a Flat Rate shipping price?

We are located near Atlanta Georgia. If we used a Flat Rate shipping price, we would over charge customers living near us, or under charge customers living on the West Coast and have to make up the difference by raising our product prices. We do not believe that is fair to anybody.

How do you pack my perishable items?

We pack all perishable items using an advanced packing system that employs thickly insulated, sealed boxes and chilled reusable cool packs to keep your items during transport. Whenever possible we vacuum seal each item just prior to packing, fill the packing voids with foam packaging peanuts to reduce the air content of the box, and place your order in a specially designed, thickly insulated box along with food safe reusable chilled coolant packs. We make every effort to ensure that your selections arrive fresh and delicious.

Each burger, steak or chicken breast is vacuum wrapped and flash frozen in their natural juices to lock in the flavor. The meat is then wrapped in food grade paper, sealed and labeled and placed in a gift box. The gift box is then placed in a reusable insulated container and loaded up with plenty of dry ice to ensure that the products arrive in excellent condition.

How do you calculate the Shipping Costs?

Our shipping and packaging costs are transparent. During the checkout process, our system receives the shipping costs directly from the USPS and FedEx computer systems and are displayed at our cost with no profit padded onto the price. Naturally the costs reflect the size and the weight of the package and the distance it must travel from our location near Atlanta GA.

Why can my perishable order not be shipped over a weekend? Why can my perisable order not be delivered on a Monday?

To prevent your package from sitting in storage at unknown temperatures over a weekend or during a holiday or non-delivery day, we will not schedule shipments that will sit over the weekend or during a holiday or a non-delivery day. Any order shipped for delivery on a Monday would have to sit over the weekend in a unrefridgerated location consequently we will not permit Monday deliveries for perishable items.

Do you ship to Canada or outside of the continental US

Due to the multitude of very expensive protective customs duties on dairy and food products to most countries, and the delays in their customs systems caused by processing the customs duties, sadly we no longer ship outside of the continental US.