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This Red Slate Board does way more than just being a cheese board. We believe it is an absolutely stunning cheese board, because the warm red color is a beautiful contrast to any cheese.This slate board can be used to serve anything, like a cold-cut... read more
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These beautiful Red Slate Coasters will compliment your Red or Black Slate Board. They are packed in sets of 4.Slate's ability to withstand a range of temperatures makes it ideal for a hot cup of coffee or an ice cold beer. It's rustic and natural... read more
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Look, a cheese board, made of a slice of a tree trunk with the bark still attached. Very decorative!The wood and bark are varnished, thus can be used over and over again. The size is approximately 10 x 6" and 0.8" thick; the size may vary a... read more
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This Tapas Fondue Set actually says it all, this small set is great for a delicious tapas dinner for two with a refreshing glass of Sangria or a friendly Cheese Fondue get together with a friend or use the set for a Chocolate Fondue dessert. Another way... read more