Cheese Knife by Herve Mons

Picture of cheese knife by herve mons
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Approx. Weight: 10 oz.
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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts

Not every knife is the same, every chef and every cheese affineur can tell you that. The difference can be found in the material used in making the blade and the handle, how it cuts and how it feel in your hand.

When you select a cheese knife for serving with your cheese selection, the most important elements may be how it cuts various cheeses, soft and hard and how decorative it is. A cheese knife is not something you have in your hands for hours.

This knife is developed by Herve Mons; a cheese affineur of international reputation and a man who is passionate about cheese. If you spend money on serving top quality cheese, your cheese deserves to be cut with a perfect knife and this Herve Mons knife is developed by Boska to do just that.

A knife specifically designed to cut the soft and semi-soft cheese with a stainless steel blade that does not stick to the cheese; a knife that is sturdy and is comfortable in your hand (10-year warranty)