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Cheese paper is a necessary material, if you want to keep your cheese a long as possible in an optimal condition. You take best efforts to keep your vegetables as fresh as you can, and you should do the same with your cheese.

As soon as a cheese is cut the shelf life is dramatically reduced as compared to the entire wheel, as a cut cheese may have 1 or 2 sides with rind and the rest is exposed and can dry out easily or even turn if not properly handled and stored. This cheese paper is specifically designed to keep cheese fresh and delicious; 2-ply cheese paper simulates the cheese cave environment.

When you handle and store cheese correctly, you can enjoy the full flavor of the cheese, rather then eating a 'dead' cheese or a cheese that is past its prime. When you order gourmet cheese it would be a waste if you cannot enjoy its full potential.

This 2-ply cheese paper maintains proper humidity and allows adequate oxygen exchange to keep cheese alive and tasty.

Each package contains 15 sheets 11" x 14" and 15 adhesive labels.


Best way to store cheese. I've been using this cheese paper for years. Glad to find it here, and much cheaper than what I've been paying!!! Highly recommend to extend the life of all cheeses.