Cheese Wire Slicer

Picture of cheese wire slicer
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Approx. Weight: 5 lbs.
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The cheese wire slicer allows you to cut/slice beautifully cheese wedges or slices, simply push down the handle and the cutting wire will make clean straight cuts with beautiful professionally cuts.

This slicer is also called a Roquefortaise and is not only fantastic to cut Roquefort; it is also a great tool to cut any soft or semi-soft cheese, including blue, bloomy, washed rind and many others. The wire is thin and strong and will cut through the cheese easily; and when compared to cutting the softer cheeses with a knife, you won't have to worry about the cheese sticking to the wire or a smeary dull un-professional appearance when serving your special guests.

The Cheese Wire Slicer has a white polyester base for easy cleaning and is quite sturdy as its 5 lbs. weight indicates and cuts cheeses up to a diameter of 9 inches.

You will enjoy this professional quality cheese tool in your kitchen or at your party as you let your guests cut their own cheese wedges with amazement.

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