Maple Grilling Plank 6x6

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Grilling your cheese, meat or fish on a plank is quite simple and lot of fun when you serve it. The wood will give a delicate smoky flavor to the cheese or meat or fish. These Maple Grilling Planks, of 6 x 6 inches can be used as individual serving dishes. Think about using it to grill burgers or steak, all small fish fillets and of course your favorite cheese.

All you have to do is soak the plank in water for at least 1 hour, heat the grill , heat the plank and flip it. Then add the food to the plank, close the grill and cook the food as long as needed.

If the plank is not overly charred they may be scrubbed with hot water and re-used up to 2 times. This wonderful product is brought to you by Davis and Gena Knox who founded Fire & Flavor in 2003 in Georgia.

This package contains two Maple Grilling Planks (6x6 each).