Parmesan Knife 120 mm

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Approx. Weight: 4 oz.
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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts

A powerful and strong knife that is made of solid steel and has a robust handle. The blade is invincible and ends in a point as sharp as a knife, which makes piercing and splitting hard cheeses as easy as pie.

The knife was specially designed so that you can cleave through cheeses effortlessly. It's easy to pierce through the rind of a whole, hard cheese, or cheese wheel. You can use this Parmesan knife in 2 ways: to split the cheese after scoring the rind and to cleave off chunks and pieces of cheese. In short: it's a versatile cheese knife that you can always depend on.

This Boska Parmesan knife has a sturdy plastic handle and durable stainless steel blade. The knife can go in the dishwasher, but we'd advise otherwise. Washing it by hand preserves the outstanding quality of the knife. So, get cracking with your new Parmesan Knife.