Tapas Fondue Set Black

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Approx. Weight: 2 lbs.
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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts

Want to have a cozy fondue or tapas dinner for two? This small fondue set will make your evening complete. It consists of a black fondue pot, 2 small fondue forks, and a dark wood base with a tealight. The fondue pot (10.1 fl oz. or 300 ml) is made of earthenware, can go straight in the dishwasher.

Besides using the tapas fondue set for cheese fondue or keeping a sauce warm, it's an ideal vessel for a chocolate fondue. Cut up some fruit, let the chocolate melt, and dig in. With the tea light under the fondue pot, you can keep your melted cheese, sauce or chocolate at exactly the right temperature.

The fondue pot can only be used in the microwave. If you only have a different heat source – such as an induction or electric stove – we recommend you use a different pot to heat the fondue.