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Grilling papers are basically a very thing 'slice' of wood that you can wrap around your fish, vegetables and cook/steam on your grill outside or inside in a grilling pan. These Fire and Flavor Cedar Papers are made with 100% all natural western red... read more
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This cheese curler, or Girolle as the Swiss call it, is a wonderful tool that allows you to slice super thin curls off the surface of the Tete de Moine cheese. It will be a great feature when you have a party of just with you family and friends. The thin... read more
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Not every knife is the same, every chef and every cheese affineur can tell you that. The difference can be found in the material used in making the blade and the handle, how it cuts and how it feel in your hand.When you select a cheese knife for serving... read more
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Cheese paper is a necessary material, if you want to keep your cheese a long as possible in an optimal condition. You take best efforts to keep your vegetables as fresh as you can, and you should do the same with your cheese.As soon as a cheese is cut... read more
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Throwing a cheese party or organizing a cheese tasting is a wonderful idea; it brings people together and food, in this case cheese, is always a great subject of discussion. An easy way to identify the different cheese types is to make use of these small... read more
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The cheese wire slicer allows you to cut/slice beautifully cheese wedges or slices, simply push down the handle and the cutting wire will make clean straight cuts with beautiful professionally cuts.This slicer is also called a Roquefortaise and is not... read more
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This small crystal handmade Caviar Server is a great way to serve caviar as it shows the caviar pearls clearly and caviar should be served with and in elegance. This beautiful server is the ideal server for both the modern individual serving look as well... read more