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Cheese paper is a necessary material, if you want to keep your cheese a long as possible in an optimal condition. You take best efforts to keep your vegetables as fresh as you can, and you should do the same with your cheese.As soon as a cheese is cut... read more
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This cheese slicer/cheese cutter is totally different from what you have seen before and it has a name that you don't easily forget 'Le Guillotin'.The Wijngaard family that produces the fantastic Reypenaer and Reypenaer VSOP developed this tool, enabling... read more
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Throwing a cheese party or organizing a cheese tasting is a wonderful idea; it brings people together and food, in this case cheese, is always a great subject of discussion. An easy way to identify the different cheese types is to make use of these small... read more
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This handy Dome is a plastic cover that will fit over the wooden Cheese Curler board. Place the cheese onto the curler and cover it with the dome and place it as an appetizer or dessert on your table. Once you start curling the cheese, take the dome... read more
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Imported directly from Holland, this European stylish stainless steel deluxe knife is the tool to cut soft cheeses. The holes in the knife prevent the cheese from sticking to the knife; you will cut easily through the cheese and serve clean cut wedges... read more
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A set of 6 stylish fondue forks, made from stainless steel with a dark wooden handle. Each handle has a unique color code, so you'll never be confused which fork is yours.These fondue forks have 3 prongs, while most have 2 prongs. Keeps bread, potato or... read more
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Serving and enjoying caviar is a luxurious moment that will be be enjoyed even more with the right utensils. Silver spoons may look very fancy, but they actually affect the caviar's fragile flavor; Mother of Pearl does not and is very elegant as well.... read more
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These beautiful Red Slate Coasters will compliment your Red or Black Slate Board. They are packed in sets of 4.Slate's ability to withstand a range of temperatures makes it ideal for a hot cup of coffee or an ice cold beer. It's rustic and natural... read more
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This Red Slate Board does way more than just being a cheese board. We believe it is an absolutely stunning cheese board, because the warm red color is a beautiful contrast to any cheese.This slate board can be used to serve anything, like a cold-cut... read more
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Not every knife is the same, every chef and every cheese affineur can tell you that. The difference can be found in the material used in making the blade and the handle, how it cuts and how it feel in your hand.When you select a cheese knife for serving... read more