Aged Gouda Cheese Assortment

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Of all the gourmet products, the Dutch are most known for, their cheeses, most specifically, their Gouda cheeses are certainly at the top of any gourmet's list. Dutch Gouda cheeses are created in innumerable combinations of ages, flavors, colors and tastes.

Instead of doing just another wine tasting, you could do a Dutch gourmet cheese tasting. Challenge your guests to identify which cheese is which, discuss their flavors and learn their peculiarities. For that perfect tasting, we have created a special assortment. Each of these Dutch gourmet cheeses is considered 'old' and are aged differently, resulting in discernibly different cheese. Try these individual masterpieces now and discover for yourself why aged Dutch Gouda remains a classic taste. Our Aged Gouda Cheese Assortment contains the following gourmet cheeses:

Old Amsterdam - a gourmet cheeses that is aged for a relative short time, but tastes as if it is at least 12 months old.
Reypenaer - aged 12 months. A champion at the 2005 International Cheese Show in Nantwich (UK).
Reypenaer VSOP - aged for more than 2 years. A cheese with a very nice rich, deep hearty flavor, not overly sharp. Firm, delicious, crunchy.
Vincent - a gouda-style cheese that is aged for 26 weeks, but is very flavorful and extremely versatile.

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