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Cheese was traditionally aged as a survival strategy to prevent milk from spoiling, so it could be preserved until food was scarce. Luckily, we’ve discovered that aging is not only convenient, but downright delicious too. As cheeses age they develop more concentrated flavors and interesting textures. These cheeses have been aged to absolute perfection. It’s truly amazing they were once fresh fluid milk.

Our Aged to Perfection Collection contains the following:
Manchego 8 Month 8 oz. – Spain’s most famous cheese, made from sheep’s milk and aged for 8 months. Easily identifiable from the basket-weave imprint on the wheel. Mild – medium, a crowd-pleaser.
Black Creek 3 Year Cheddar 7 oz.– a cheddar aged 3 years to develop maximum bite. Nice and sharp, and full of flavor.
Cave-Aged Emmentaler 8 oz.– This might be the best 'Swiss' cheese you'll ever taste. The dynamic flavor is created during the careful aging process. A wonderfully firm and chewy texture is dotted with tiny crystals from aging. 
Parmigiano Reggiano 7 oz.– The king of cheese. Made with the utmost care with ancient recipes and aged 1-2 years. Hard and granular, full of crunchy crystals from aging.
Reypenaer VSOP 8 oz.– An aged gouda at its best. Aged with care in the Netherlands for 2 years.

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