Alcohol Infused Cheese Board

Alcohol is an ideal company for gourmet cheese, so it is not so surprising that cheese manufacturers have incorporated beer and/or wine in their craft. Our Alcohol Infused Cheese Board consists of cheese soaked in or mixed with different alcoholic beverages and include:

Red Dragon (8 oz.) - a Welsh Cheddar with wholegrain mustard seeds and Welsh ale, coated in a bright red wax, giving a presence to your cheese board.
Drunken Goat (8 oz.) - a Spanish cheese, also called Murcia al Vino, is a young goat's milk cheese that is soaked in Doble Pasta Wine for 48-72 hours.
Chocolate Stout Cheddar (8 oz.) - after the cheddar is formed, it is broken down and covered in Rogue's Chocolate Stout, resulting in a perfect balance of oats, chocolate malts, and real chocolate and the right amount of hops resulting in a bittersweet finish.
Chimay with Trappister beer (8 oz.) - a semi-soft cheese that is bathed in Belgian Trappister beer so that its flavor flatters the palate and the nose.

(The cheese board is not included).

Please note that we will substitute any item that is temporarily out of stock with a similar item of equal or greater value.