American Blue Cheese Board

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You know that we have a huge variety of blue cheese in this country, and this Cheese Board offers you 4 wedges of 8 oz. and will give you an insight of the breadth and depth of the American Blues.

Maytag Blue Cheese - a dense, crumbly texture and semi-sharp flavor and slightly pungent odor. Every bite of Maytag melts in the mouth releasing a slightly tangy flavor with a lemony finish.
Original Blue - an award winning Californian blue cheese made from raw cow's milk. A creamy cheese that is great for beginners. It is beautifully chalky white with sharp lines of contrasting blue-grey veins that give the cheese an almost marble appearance.
Buttermilk Blue - a Wisconsin cheese that is sharper than the first 2 cheese of this board and shows more blue/green veins. This award winner is predominantly made with milk form Jersey cows and a secret blend of cultures.
Smokey Blue - the first smoked blue cheese in the world and it has a sweet flavor of caramel and hazelnuts that mellows the sharpness of the blue cheese. This Oregon-made award winning cheese is cold smoked for 16 hours with hazelnut shells and cave aged a minimum of 6 months, resulting in a delicious and interesting blue cheese.

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