Basket of Cheese Favorites

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This basket contains many of your favorites; those cheeses you continue to appreciate. Cheeses from 6 different countries, each of them with their specific style, age and flavor and aroma. All these cheeses are packed in a stylish willow basket appropriately decorated with a burgundy bow.

Feta (7 oz.) - the classic and famous Greek cheese made from a mixture of sheep's and goat's milk. The cheese is aged in brine for 2 months, resulting in a firm, slightly crumbly and creamy texture.
Flagship (8 oz.) - a semi-hard cow's milk cheese made in Seattle, Washington. This gourmet cheese is aged for 1 year and has a uniquely robust, nutty flavor.
Idiazabal (8 oz.) - This Spanish smoked gourmet cheese has a delicately smoky, fudge-like aroma and flavor. The rind of this gourmet cheese is pale yellow in color and quite hard. The paste is creamy white and fairly compact with a few small holes.
Private Stock Cheddar (8 oz.) - A ripe-and-ready cheddar cheese from Vermont is seriously delicious.
Vincent (8 oz.) - a Dutch cow's milk Gouda-type cheese that is aged for 5 months but has already a nice maturing flavor.
Emmental (8 oz.) - a traditional Swiss gourmet cheese that is one of the largest cheeses in physical size in the world. The holes in the cheese may have the size of cherries, walnuts, or even golf balls.
Blue Stilton (8 oz.) - crumbly when young, softening and darkening at the rind as it matures. It is a lovely creamy ivory color with well-spread blue veining growing from the center outward.

We have added a box of Natural Crispbread Crackers to the gift basket and you can serve immediately after unwrapping.

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