Beer Cheese Assortment

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Cheese and beer make an excellent combination and you don't have to be a beer drinker to enjoy these cheeses. Different beers have different flavors and the combination with different types of cheese, washed rind, cheddar, mustard seeds make this assortment attractive.

Red Dragon; a Welsh cheddar with ale and mustard seeds. The cheese inside the red wax is almost spreadable (8 oz.).
Irish Cheddar with Porter Beer; striking to the eye and easy on the palate. Pebble-size curds are veined with dark-brown porter beer, creating a rich, marbled appearance. (8 oz.).
Raspberry BellaVitano; an Wisconsin award-winning cheese that is soaked in New Glarus Raspberry Tart Ale. This hard cow's milk cheese has the texture of a asiago (5.3 oz.).
AleHouse Cheddar; a classic Vermont Cheddar cheese that is submerged in Munich Dark and IPA from the local artisan Harpoon brewery. The curds that have absorbed the ale give the cheddar a nice aroma and a flavor that balances nuts, hops and sweet notes (8 oz.).
We added a package of Cracked Pepper Wafer Crisps that goes well with the flavorful cheeses.

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