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Cheese, the ultimate comfort food is turned up a notch when served warm. Especially in cold weather, these cheeses make everything feel cozy. Heating a cheese also changes its texture and intensifies the flavors. These four cheeses are specially designed to be cooked, heated, or enjoyed warm, and we're here for it.

Our Best Served Hot Collection contains the following:
Harbison 5 oz. - A champion cheese, and cheesemonger's favorite, this little wheel is brie-like, but much better. Wrapped in a strip of Vermont spruce bark, as this cheese becomes gooey and soft inside, the bark holds it in place. It tastes of forest, wild mustard flowers, and wood, all coated with cream. Try it warm for ultimate bliss.
Organic Grill and Eat 5.3 oz. - A cheese designed for grilling and eating of course. This halloumi-type cheese can be heated on a grill or skillet until piping-hot, and it won’t run or ooze. This organic version is made in Greece, and a delicious center to a dish.
Bread Cheese  10 oz. - Imagine pizza, but without the sauce and crust. That’s bread cheese. Cook it in a skillet or grill and it will "melt" but keep its shape. Enjoy with a knife and fork.
Schellen Bell 6 oz. - A savory bold cheese made in the Switzerland and aged to perfection. The texture is firm and perfectly meltable. The flavors are rich and meaty. Melt over potatoes, bread, or have a grilled cheese sandwich.

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