Big Four Blue Cheese Assortment

Our Big Four Blue Cheese Assortment features the four most outstanding blue cheeses from the four big European specialty cheese countries are Roquefort from France, Gorgonzola from Italy, Blue Stilton from England and Valdeon from Spain.

Each cheese is distinct in the combination of flavor, appearance, the milk it is made from and the texture. When it comes to presence we would recommend to taste them in the following order:
Gorgonzola dolce - a cow's milk cheese and the creamiest of the four (8 oz.).
Blue Stilton - also a cow's milk blue, but much drier and crumblier than the Gorgonzola, but milder than he Roquefort (8 oz.).
Roquefort is made from sheep's milk, is crumbly, rather sharp and weeps a lot (8 oz.).
The Spanish Valdeon may be the one that is gaining popularity. A dry cheese made from a mixture of cow's and goat's milk wrapped in chestnut or sycamore maple leaves (8 oz.).

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