Blue Cheese Board Favorites

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Of all the blue gourmet cheese we have on our site, we selected the 4 most popular, your favorites, and added a fruit paste to serve the cheeses with. When you put them on a wooden cheese board or slate cheese board, it's ready to go.

Gorgonzola Dolce - Italians most famous blue is soft, has some blue veins and a creamy flavor (8 oz.).
Cambozola Black Label - a triple cream, soft-ripened cheese, made in Germany (8 oz.).
Fourme d'Ambert - a creamy blue from France, that has medium sharpness; certainly not overpowering (8 oz.).
Blue Stilton - a traditional old British cheese that is drier and crumblier than the other three blue cheeses and has a nutty, meaty, rich, buttery flavor (8 oz.).

Our gourmet blue cheese selection is accompanied by Pear Fruit Paste that will enrich the flavor of the blue cheese (board and knife not included).

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