Cheese Basket with Italian Flair

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We've created a Cheese Basket with international cheeses on the theme Italy; they are made after an Italian cheese or with an Italian cheese in mind, and they all deserve the designation 'gourmet cheese'.

Lemon Oil (8.4 floz.) - a cold pressed olive oil with lemon flavor. Salt and pepper and just a few drops of lemon juice to have your perfect salad dressing.
Balsamic BellaVitano (5.3 oz.) - an award-winning cheese with a sweet coating of balsamic vinegar.
Grana Padano (8 oz.) - similar to the Parmesan cheese, but a deeper flavor and a more granular texture.
Tuscan Cheddar (8 oz.) - a hand-rubbed coating of healthy, tasty Tuscan herbs on the outside of this cheddar.

Some additional items to the cheese
Tuscan Wafer Thin Crackers (3.5 oz.) -very light and crisp Australian crackers with a waffle imprint and flavored with sundried tomato, basil and garlic. A perfect match with the various cheeses, and also with pates and other fine meats.
Carnaroli Rice (35.4 oz.) - the best rice to make risotto.
Speck Americano (3 oz.) - a fully aged Prosciutto Americano smoked over apple wood. Serve this with your cheese, a lovely combination.

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