Cheese Board with Smoked Cheese

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Smoking cheese is a way to cure, preserve cheese, and a way to add flavor to that cheese. Smoked cheese typically has a yellowish-brown colored rind and sometimes the inside, the paste is a little darker as well. Smoking cheese is a curing process that is practiced in our countries on various cheese, so when you like smoked cheese you have a rich selection to chose from; the type of cheese, the method of smoking and the wood used in the smoking. Our Smoked Cheese Board includes:

Smokey Blue - the first smoked blue cheese. Smokey Blue is cold smoked with hazelnut shells, resulting in a cheese with a sweet flavor of caramel and hazelnuts that mellows the sharpness of the blue cheese. (8 oz.)
Hickory smoked Capri - a small goat's milk cheese log that is cold smoked for about 14 hours. This unique goat cheese has a sharp, hickory flavor and a smooth, creamy texture. (4 oz.)
Basils Original Rauchkäse - a German semi-soft smoked cow's milk cheese produced in accordance to the monks' old traditions. The cheese is cold smoked over beech wood which gives it a rich, creamy texture and special, smoky flavor. (8 oz.)
Idiazabal - a Spanish gourmet cheese with a delicately smoky, fudge-like aroma and flavor. (8 oz.)

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