Cheese from the South in Gift Box

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Four great cheeses made in the South that make up a delicious cheese board. Packed in our Glossy Burgundy Gift Box.

Green Hill - a Georgian soft-ripened, double-cream cow's milk cheese with a white, bloomy rind; and has a rich and smooth flavor.
Pimento Cheese - a Southern (Alabama) classic; this one is a goat's milk version.
Grayson - this one is from Virginia and is soft, with a orange-brown sticky rind, a golden semi-soft paste, a pungent aroma and a rich, beefy taste with nutty overtones.
Battery Park - a complex Brie-style cheese from Charleston. A mild, firm center and intense soft outer paste. The aroma is rich with butter, citrus, and toffee notes.
Pepper Jelly - a little touch of heat to accompany these Southern cheeses.

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