Cheese Gift Basket From Britain

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The United Kingdom has a rich history in cheese making and their cheese is rich in flavor, color and the makers create new flavor combinations. Our Basket from Britain contains 8 different cheeses;

Red Dragon: a Welsh Cheddar with wholegrain mustard seeds and Welsh ale, coated in a bright red wax. The cheese has a buttery and spicy flavor and the mustard seeds also give the cheese its texture (8 oz.)
Cotswold: this cheese from Southwestern England is also called 'Pub Cheese'. It is a smooth, cheddar-like cheese with chives and onions (8 oz.).
Shropshire Blue: made in exactly the same way as Blue Stilton except that annatto is added to the milk which gives it the orange color. The texture is firm and creamy, but also slightly crumbly. A wonderful alternative to Blue Stilton (5 oz.).
Huntsman: a marriage of 2 lovely cheese together in 5 layers; three layers of Double Gloucester hold two layers of a strong, richly veined Blue Stilton (8 oz.)
Sage Derby: a mild cheddar with leaf sage for flavor, and colored using chlorophyll (plant coloring) to give a green marbled finish. The finely chopped sage leaf gives a subtle extra flavor (8 oz.).
Cheshire: a cheese with a crumbly texture and a mild and lightly salty taste which is attributed to the salty soil of the Cheshire plain (8 oz.).
White Stilton with Mango & Ginger: a delicious dessert cheese. The pieces of mango and spicy ginger added to the crumbliness of the refreshing Stilton cheese is something you need to try (8 oz.)
Double Gloucester: a raw, semi-hard cheese which has been made in Gloucestershire since the 16th century. The cheese has a smooth, buttery texture with a clean, creamy, mellow flavor; it is orange in color and has a smooth, creamy texture (8 oz.).

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