Cheese Grilling Plank Combo

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Approx. Weight: 1 lbs. 1 oz.
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Grilling cheese on a maple plank may not be something you're used to do, but is actually quite easy. This Maple Cheese Grilling Plank gives your cheese of choice a delicate buttery rich, nutty and smoky flavor.

We have added a Georgian handcrafted product, an artisan cheese, Green Hill. This is a white soft-ripened, double cream cow's milk cheese that is made with pasteurized milk. The color of the cheese is bright yellow, caused by the higher butterfat composition in the milk. The flavor is buttery, soft and creamy and it has a think rind which makes it easy to ooze when it finds itself on your grilling plank on the grill.

This combo (2 planks and one cheese) will surely be a nice gift during the barbecue season or use it as a fulfilling appetizer to share with your friends and family.