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We've taken the guess-work out of building an impressive cheese board. Four of our most popular crowd-pleasing cheeses, paired with favorite accompaniments: simply assemble and serve. This group of gourmet eats will have everyone talking.

This assortment includes:

Schellen Bell Alpine Cheese – A cheese that takes us back to Switzerland's green hillsides. Firm, floral, nutty, rich and satisfying. An easy crowd-pleaser.
Triple Cream Brie, La Bonne Vie – Brie, but richer. Ideal for spreading and pairing.
Reypenaer – A classic aged gouda from where aged gouda began. Crunchy crystals, hard-aged texture, and salty nutty caramel flavors.
Blueberry Vanilla Goat Log, La Bonne Vie – The zippy tang of fresh goat cheese, softened with the delicate sweetness of blueberries. Light, sweet, delicious.
Sliced Manchego – One of Spain's greatest contributions to the world. A firm, mild, sheep's milk cheese with notes of olive oil, cream, and nuts.
Sliced Prosciutto Italiano – Classic Italian Prosciutto - sliced impossibly thin. Melts in the mouth and plays well with a diverse board of mixed cheese and accompaniments.
Castelvetrano Olives – Our best-selling olive. Who knew an olive could taste like butter?
Marcona Almonds – Spain's gourmet almond. A uniquely plump and sweet almond, blanched and roasted. Crunchy and perfectly salted.
Fig Spread – A true friend for cheese. Fig spread to make anything a little sweeter.
Original Wafer Crackers – Thin but strong, these are the perfect neutral but tasty cracker for endless combinations.
Presentation Cheese Knife – a single piece of stainless steel makes this refined and useful tool. It can slice, dice, and even serve with the pronged tip.

The Black Slate Board is not included. If you prefer that as well, please click here.

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