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In France, cheese plates are served after dinner, but at apero, the French version of cocktail hour, cheese may be an ingredient in simple snacks. Learn how to adopt this gracious tradition in your home, and get the recipes for a savory cake with goat cheese, Roquefort madeleines, and gougeres with Comte in Culture Magazine's Entertaining Issue!

We are thrilled to partner with Culture to bring you this incredible collection of cheeses!

What's Inside:

Roquefort Papilon Black Label (8 ounces) - This exceptional Roquefort Papillon is characterised initially by its white paste and the generous streaks of intense blue in its broad and numerous cavities. In the mouth, its rich and flexible texture develops a delicious fondant accompanied by a typical balanced and long-lasting taste.

Comte Aged 12 Months (8 ounces) - An ancient French gourmet cheese, also known as Gruyere de Comte; it is made in the Massif of the Jura, a region composed of medium range mountains situated in Franche-Comte, which lies between the Vosges and the Haute-Savoie. The Montbeliard cow is the only breed of cattle whose milk is authorized for making Comte.

Goat Cheese Pyramid (5.3 ounces) - This spreadable goat cheese is made in France and packed in a cute resealable pyramid container for impressive presentation as well as healthful and tasty eating. French cheesemakers have all but perfected fresh goat cheese, setting the trend for beautiful and interesting shapes to delight both eyes and palate.