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Sure, cheese is great melted over a grilled burger, but some cheeses from around the world are meant to be grilled themselves. Halloumi, from Cyprus, Kaseri, from Greece, and bread cheese, which originated in Finland, are three of the most versatile, and Culture Magazine's Entertaining Issue shows you how to throw a party with them.

We are thrilled to partner with Culture to bring you this incredible collection of grilling cheeses!

What's Inside:

Halloumi (8.8 ounces) - The best way to enjoy Halloumi is grilled on a grill or skillet. It becomes hot and soft and will develop attractive grill marks. It's texture is tender, and makes a great meat-subsitute for vegetarians. It's great on salad, bread, with jam or fruit. It can be the centerpiece of a dish, appetizer, or dessert.

Kaseri (6 ounces) - A traditional Greek cheese made from primarily sheep milk, and some goat milk too. The melting cheese of Greece, Kasseri belongs to the pasta filata family, where the curds are streched and twisted - like Mozzarella and Provolone. Kasseri is therefore often a substitute to those Italian cheeses.

Bread Cheese (Juustoleipa) (10 ounces) - If you like hot melty cheese, you have to try Bread Cheese, also called Juustoleipa in Finland. Imagine a fresh hot cheese pizza, without the crust or sauce. That's bread cheese. When heated, it keeps it shape, but becomes hot and gooey, and can be eaten with a knife and fork. It's chewy, soft, a little salty and very cheesy.
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