English Cheese Assortment

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Have you even seen such a colorful cheese board. Not only are the cheeses stunning, when you present it on the right cheese board, like a nice teak cheese board or a slate cheese board, it is also a beautiful and complete presentation.

We have selected 4 flavorful, colorful and very British, English cheeses; a total of almost 1.8 lbs; from left to right:
Huntsman Cheese - Made from Blue Stilton and Double Gloucester cheese in beautiful layers; a match made in cheese heaven.
Aged Red Leicester Clothbound - a cloth-bound cheese that is matured for 6 months, resulting in a hard, flaky, beautifully orange cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelized flavor.
Cooper's Hill - a Double Gloucester similar to Cotswold with chopped onions and chives blended into the cheese.
Windsor Red - a pale cream cheddar cheese marbled with a mix of port and brandy.

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