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A fondue starter kit featuring best in class alpine cheeses. Try each separately or combine together for a delicious fondue with a lush texture and complex flavor. Use the included mini toasts to gather up each delicious bite.

What's Inside:
Appenzeller Cheese (9 oz.) -Appenzeller is made with raw milk from brown Swiss cows and is aged a minimum of 3 months, developing a robust flavor. While it is a classic melting cheese it's uses go far beyond that, it is a wonderful table cheese too.
Grand Suisse Gruyere (8 oz.) - Gruyere is a Swiss staple and beloved cheese around the world, with production strictly regulated for any cheese that uses the name. Made using traditional methods, this Gruyere is a fondue classic..
Schellen Bell Alpine Cheese (6 oz.) - This Swiss gourmet cheese is made from raw cow's milk and aged for 10 months in caves in the Alpine region in Switzerland. Schellen Bell has notes of floral, a creamy texture with an assertive finish.
French Mini Toast (2.8 oz.) - These tiny toasts are made in the south east of France and are approximately 1.5 inches square. They are an ideal base for almost any appetizer, keeping their crispiness for an impressive amount of time. Includes 36 toasts.

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