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If you know you know. Yes, they’re stinky, but also so tasty. Featuring three 'washed-rind' style cheeses with fragrant rinds, and mouthwateringly savory interiors with flavors of butter, salt, meat, and more. Each cheese is brought to life with a juicy cherry spread and the dense oatcakes. These pairings will delight every stinky cheese lover.

Pungent Cheese Lover Collection contains the following:
Taleggio 8 oz. - a classic gateway to this family of cheese. On the milder side with flavors of butter, cured meats, and vaguely fruity. This pudgy, goey favorite has been delighting cheese eaters since the 9th century.
Red Hawk 8 oz. - Divinely rich, this triple-cream stinker is like eating a steak with butter on it. Dense, creamy, salty: something akin to heaven.
Grayson 8 oz. - Made in Appalachia with Jersey cow’s milk, the bright yellow interior demonstrates the true artisanal, grass-fed nature of this cheese. Flavors of peanuts, beef broth and grass.
Sour Cherry Spread 9 oz. - Juicy, tart, sweet and perfectly paired. This jam pushes almost any cheese experience over the edge.
Oatcake Biscuits 7.2 oz. - Similar to a British biscuit, it’s not a cookie and not a cracker. These dense biscuits made of oats are buttery and slightly sweet. A perfect vehicle for most cheese.
Sea Salt Mediterranean Crackers - Thin, crispy, salty and mild. A great neutral cracker pairing.

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